Ways to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2024

When is World Down Syndrome Day?

World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21, this date was picked to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome, which causes Down syndrome.

How do you celebrate World Down Syndrome Day?

World Down Syndrome Day is coming up, and we thought we would share this list of things you can do to celebrate! Put in the comments below how you are celebrating.

Wear CRAZY socks to raise awareness!

In 2013, the topic of wearing “Odd Socks” was launched to raise awareness. Eventually, it was also advertised as Lots of Socks. The idea arose because chromosomes are shaped like socks, and individuals with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Wearing crazy and fun socks on 3/21 is one of the fun ways we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! Grab a mix-match pair from your drawer or buy new ones that show your personality. Check out John’s Crazy socks for some fun World Down Syndrome Day socks! 

World Down Syndrome Day Crazy Socks

Involve the ENTIRE school!

Whether your child has Down syndrome or you know someone with Down syndrome, involving your class or the entire school on this special day is impactful!

Make a flyer or fun handout for your classmates, letting them know WDSD is coming up. Click here for resources about Down syndrome that will educate your fellow students and teachers:

Another creative way is to ask your school to send an email encouraging the whole school to wear blue, yellow, and crazy socks. Make goodie bags (don’t forget to throw in some info about GiGi’s in there!), pass out blue and yellow cupcakes, and read a book about Down syndrome or with a character that has Down syndrome! These ideas are also great for doing with your sports team, dance class, or other groups. 

World Down Syndrome Day is ONE day a year, be creative as you wish at your/your child’s school! 

Some book recommendations:

Educate your coworkers.

No matter where you work, WDSD can be celebrated anywhere! If your child or loved one has Down syndrome, your coworkers may already know about them. Send an email, talk about your story, including how GiGi’s has impacted your life, and explain how they can help CHANGE the world by being Accepting, Generous, and Kind. 

Ask the office to wear blue, yellow, and crazy socks. Bring some treats and handouts for your coworkers to learn more about Down syndrome and GiGi’s! 

Random Acts of Kindness (from Twin Cities Blog)

We are all about spreading awareness and kindness! Show up for World Down Syndrome Day in your community by handing out gift cards attached to a note about WDSD, bringing coffee or snacks to local hospital staff with info about Down syndrome to pass out, or delivering a meal to local law enforcement and educating them about WDSD. Random Acts of Kindness on World Down Syndrome Day is not limited to this list; think about who is in your community and how you can educate on this day while spreading kindness!

Take the Pledge

Take our Generation G Pledge to Be Accepting, Generous, and Kind! By taking the pledge, you become part of the worldwide movement that goes beyond Down syndrome and sends a global message of acceptance for ALL! 

World Down Syndrome Day is the PERFECT day to make the conscious decision to improve every day!

Take the pledge here!

Get Crafty

It is the perfect time to get out your craft supplies! We love seeing creative t-shirts, onesies, cards, bracelets, bows, shoes, and more on World Down Syndrome Day. Advocates for the Down syndrome community are always loud and proud, especially on 3/21! You can rock your socks, wear blue and yellow, customize awareness apparel, and give fun gifts. 

Support a Small Business

There are SO many small businesses owned by individuals with Down syndrome. With some research, you can find many companies that sell fun crafts, great gifts, and more! You might even be able to find a business that is local.

Get Social

Today, most of our lives and everything we stand for is found on our social media accounts. Now more than ever, individuals with Down syndrome need YOU to be the voice in changing the way the world views Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome are heard with your advocacy, help, support, and VOICE. If you are a parent of a child with Down syndrome, share your story! Show the people around you how your life has changed for the better because of your child.

We are still fighting discrimination in the workforce and even regarding marriage! Make a post, create a video, or share someone else’s post to show your followers that you support individuals with Down syndrome. Make it known that it is World Down Syndrome Day. Share with your followers how you wish the world would view Down syndrome and how they can support GiGi’s! 

Become Educated

If learning about Down syndrome is new to you, we highly recommend diving in and educating yourself about Down syndrome. There are so many myths and misconceptions that people still believe about Down syndrome. At GiGi’s Playhouse, we are debunking EVERY myth, sharing the truth, and changing the way the world views Down syndrome!

You can learn about Down syndrome on our website, gigisplayhouse.org and on other organization’s sites like ndss.org

Volunteer at your local GiGi’s Playhouse

We now have 57 Playhouse locations across the U.S. and one in Mexico, so chances are, you are near one! There are many amazing ways to get involved with your local GiGi’s Playhouse. We are a non-profit organization and 99% volunteer-run. We provide FREE therapeutic programs to individuals with Down syndrome of all ages. Our Playhouse locations are always looking for loving and fun people with a skill they can share. Check out our website to learn more about our programs and find a GiGi near you! 


Move for Acceptance

Each year all of our Playhouse locations host a GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 5K Event that kicks off on World Down Syndrome Day! GFAC has both in-person and virtual events. The challenge is simple, join one of the 50+ events across the country and partake in the festivities to show your commitment to including those with Down syndrome and all unique abilities!  

Raise awareness and funds by signing up and inviting your peers to join your team! The funds and awareness you raise will go on to help provide life-changing programs and acceptance initiatives here, at GiGi’s Playhouse.  

Register today!

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  1. Asma Hussain on March 3, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Down syndrome kids are gentle and very humble souls. Please keep your heart ❤️ open for these souls.

    • Ali OGara on March 8, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      I really truly love to celebrate Down syndrome day I have 2 sisters and my brother they are such amazing storytellers for me though all the years I really loved to be social because I really truly love to share stories and I had a very long journey a!all the years .I always celebrate my day because it is such a very special and very inspiring.

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