GiGi’s Playhouse 1:1 Literacy Tutoring Program Pairs Perfectly with March National Reading Month! 

Don’t you just love that phonemic alliteration!!  Program Pairs Perfectly! 

Learning to read opens doors to inclusion in the classroom, workplace and community.  We know that visuals are key when teaching individuals with Down syndrome, so it is not surprising that reading visual language is often a strength for our participants – especially when they are taught in the way they learn best!  

GiGi’s Playhouse offers FREE 1:1 Literacy tutoring in person and virtually!  It is life-changing and runs on volunteer tutors. 

 Are you ready to make a difference? Join our team at GiGi’s Playhouse and become a tutor! 95% of our tutors started with no experience, just a heart to help. With robust and easy training, flexible scheduling, and a curriculum tailored to the needs of individuals with Down syndrome, you’ll be changing lives in no time.  

But don’t take my word for it – check out these amazing stories from across the GiGi’s Playhouse network: 

“In the heart of our program lies the dedication and commitment of individuals like Joe and Mhani, whose journey together exemplifies the transformative power of literacy education!” Read more about Joe and Mhani from GiGi’s Playhouse Canton.

“Best of All is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before.  It’s continual, measurable, always celebrated and it never ends. Our Literacy Tutors celebrate Best of All moments throughout their sessions.”  Read about the amazing Best of All moments from the Tutors at GiGi’s Playhouse Madison. 

“This program goes beyond sitting down with a book! The One-on-One Literacy Tutoring Program is not just about teaching individuals how to read; it’s about empowering them to dream, to aspire, and to reach for the stars. It’s about fostering a community where every individual, regardless of their abilities, is celebrated for the unique gifts they bring to the table”.  Read more about how the Tutors at GiGi’s Playhouse Quad Cities engage their participants by incorporating their interests to create meaningful and relevant lessons.

“Exploring the world of reading with someone like Rhett has not only developed a more profound love for reading but has also empowered me to continue to emphasize the importance of communication and education. The opportunity to be a literacy tutor at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County has been nothing short of a miracle.”  Read more about Madison and Rhett’s journey. 

“The past few weeks, JoJo and Laara worked on making a book all about things JoJo can do. They made a list of things he can do, they took pictures of him doing the actions, they matched the pictures to the sentences, and finally they put together the book.” Check out the title of that amazing book by  Laara and JoJo from GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta. 

“Now when I start a session, she begins by sharing things she has done at school or with her family. She shares with me and asks me how I am. She is ready to learn, and her mom doesn’t need to sit with her to get her to participate. She knows the routine and pays attention to an entire session, and we usually go for longer than our designated time. Coralie has continued to grow and learn.” Learn more about Coralie’s Literacy growth at GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego. 

“From the very beginning, Aadhav has brought infectious enthusiasm to their session. His eagerness to learn, coupled with his genuine curiosity about the world around him, created an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. They laughed, played, and worked together, but above all, Sonja and Aadhav embraced the sheer delight of exploration and discovery.” Read more about Sonja and Aadhav’s Literacy adventures at GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh.

Your commitment can ensure these life-changing programs continue.   

Sign up to tutor or learn more.

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