I Promise to be #GenerationG.
I will make a conscious decision to be better every day.
I will be Accepting.
I will be Generous.
I will be Kind

As seen in the 2024 Super Bowl Program Book!


Take the Pledge & Join #GenerationG

#GenerationG is a worldwide movement that goes beyond Down syndrome and sends a global message of acceptance for ALL!

#GenerationG: A conscious decision to be better every day.

GiGi’s Playhouse Down Achievement Centers have spent the last 20 years getting individuals with Down syndrome with Down syndrome ready for the world. Now it is time to get the world ready for them! #GernerationG is a global, social campaign for acceptance, not just of people with Down syndrome, but for all people!

GiGi’s Playhouse has 58 locations around the country and serves families in 88 countries! Our achievement centers provide FREE programming that enables people with Down syndrome to live happy and healthy lives, but we have only scratched the surface. Parents of babies with Down syndrome still rarely receive positive encouragement from their medical teams, both prior to birth and after. Students with Down syndrome still experience unfounded discrimination at school and on social media. Qualified adults with Down syndrome still can’t access meaningful jobs. We want to level the playing field, not just for individuals with Down syndrome, but for people of all abilities! #GenerationG is our way forward in this world, and we need your help!

Thank you for stepping up and helping us change the world!