Preparing the World

Today we welcome Hollyce, Hudson’s proud mom to share an invitation to step up and create acceptance, generosity, and kindness!


“Hudson loves hanging out with his friends – his homies with extra chromies. How cute are these three at the @chicagobulls game on Monday?!⠀We are in St. Louis now for my mom’s 60th birthday this weekend and my sister flew in town last night. We spent time talking about work and significant others and if a jewelry cleaner is a necessity, but then the conversation turned toward Down syndrome. ⠀

Did you know that 1 in 700 babies born has Down syndrome? That’s close to 6,000 new rockin’ kiddos every year. That’s 6,000 families that are navigating a world where people who are different aren’t always embraced or accepted. ⠀

I look at this picture of the three buddies. 141 chromosomes between the three of them. 3 extra 21st chromosomes. And I feel impassioned. I want these children to grow up in a world where unique abilities are embraced. Where intellect isn’t measured by GPAs and test scores. Where success isn’t about climbing a corporate ladder or the number in your bank account. Where kindness, acceptance, and love rank supreme. ⠀

I think society is on the way there. And since the world keeps adding more rockin kiddos daily (averaging 16 more today), let’s keep pushing forward to seeing ability in a new light. Let’s prepare the world for these three cuties and all of their friends with Down syndrome. Start today by extending kindness to someone. Smile at a stranger. Buy coffee for the car behind you. Tip your server a little bit extra. Hold the door open for the person behind you. Text a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while just to say hi. Reach out to a local organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and ask how you can help. ”


Take action today if you are ready to do your part to make the world a more accepting place for people with Down syndrome!!


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