With over 450,000 individuals with Down syndrome living in the US today; and counting affected parents and siblings, over 2 million people face the diagnosis every single day.  1 in 691 live births results in a Down syndrome diagnosis. Thus, improving the lives of those WITH Down syndrome as well as those INFLUENCED by Down syndrome is an urgent need. Individuals with Down syndrome “have” Down syndrome every day of their lives. They get no breaks and no days off. With a 75-80% termination rate: much work remains to give babies a fighting chance for life and happiness.


Individuals with Down syndrome are heroic! With a sickening word like “retard” surrounding them every day on social media, on the school bus and more, who wouldn’t be heroic to transcend this painful discrimination and ignorance? Individuals with Down syndrome innately recognize the good in others and the actions of others who provide them with love, support, and opportunities for achievement. Individuals with Down syndrome can talk, understand, and feel just like anyone else. They attend school like everyone else. They work and want to work, just like everyone else. They yearn for a full life just like everyone else. They appear different, and yet so many people assume the worst. Diagnoses are delivered with darkness and despair. Hope and opportunity are overshadowed by ignorance.

Below are some resources to find out more about Down syndrome.

NDSS has some amazing publications available for free on their website. The following resources are available in both English and Spanish: