We challenge YOU

You're invited to participate in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge on Saturday, June 5, 2021!
Join us, and one million of our closest friends, as we make a Physical and Social MOVEment for Acceptance!

Our Goal

Our goal is to have 1 MILLION people participate in the Acceptance Challenge and say I CAN AND WILL ACCEPT YOU AS YOU ARE. 

What's the Challenge?

To MOVE for your health and MOVE for global acceptance! On June 5 you can walk, run, lift, play sports, swim, whatever!  WE challenge ONE MILLION people to collectively participate in a physical and social movement for acceptance to prove that everyone is accepted for who they are.

Why the Challenge?

We live in a world that is often separated based on differences. It is time for people to come together regardless of race, gender, diagnosis, sexual orientation, or religion. We need universal ACCEPTANCE for all people. This is why WE, the people of the Down syndrome community, are challenging YOU to move for acceptance – to prove that every person should be accepted for who they are.

Join the Challenge

Last year, you helped us take over 1 billion steps for acceptance! That’s enough to go to the moon and back – twice! TOGETHER we can accomplish even more! This year we are asking you to MOVE for Acceptance and ask others to join you! Join individually or create a team! The more people that commit to MOVE, the more we will be able to MOVE the world towards global acceptance for all. More information and registration goes live in January.  

Together we can MOVE the world in a more accepting direction

How to Participate:

Register to get up and MOVE for acceptance on June 5th and invite all your friends! You can walk, run, jump, swim, ride, lift, play a sport, any type of physical movement can be done to show your support.  

  • Host your own Community acceptance event (easy and fun- tool kits provided)
  • Join a current event hosted by your local GiGi’s Playhouse (easy and a great time!)
  • Just donate and pledge to be accepting (our kids need you!)

Every GiGi’s Playhouse will be hosting their own Acceptance Challenge events for you to join! Check out what is happening in your area!

Anyone can host their own Acceptance Challenge Community Event for their family and friends! Engage your community; Retirement homes, baseball teams, fitness centers, churches, bowling teams, neighbors, or even just your own family! We can all come together for acceptance!  Simply register as a fundraising team and invite people to participate in YOUR Community Event. There is no size limit as to how large or small these events can be. That’s the best part, we are providing people an opportunity to participate in any way you want. Our only request is that each event features a physical movement.   

Sign up is easy! Click the REGISTER button below and select which physical playhouse you want to support, or if your support should be directed to our national office. Then register for the location's event.   


GiGi's Changes Lives


“There’s something special about Sarah Jane’s comfort level when she is with her GiGi’s crew.”

~Kathryn, Sarah Jane’s mom 


“Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s what the Playhouse is. Everyone genuinely cares about each other, and we have a great time together.”

~Alyse, Conner’s mom 


GiGi’s has provided an extra layer of support locally that many national organizations can not replicate. GiGi’s is a place where the whole family is welcomed and encouraged to participate. That has been great because our whole family can interact with Cree’s learning and development.

~Kelli Caughman