Will YOU be a part of our movement for acceptance?

We need EVERY voice to make a difference!

We challenge YOU

You're invited to participate in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge on June 5, 2021!
We need 1 MILLION people to come together in this physical and social movement for acceptance!

Our Goal

In an effort to make the world a more accepting place for individuals of all abilities, on June 5thGiGi’s Playhouse is kicking off a campaign to unite 1 Million supporters for acceptance.

What's the Challenge?

To MOVE for your health and MOVE for global acceptance! You can walk, run, lift, play sports, swim, whatever!  WE challenge ONE MILLION people to collectively participate in a physical and social movement for acceptance to prove that everyone is accepted for who they are.

Why the Challenge?

We live in a world that is often separated based on differences. It is time for people to come together regardless of race, gender, diagnosis, sexual orientation, or religion. We need universal ACCEPTANCE for all people. This is why WE, the people of the Down syndrome community, are challenging YOU to move for acceptance – to prove that every person should be accepted for who they are.

Join the Challenge

Last year, you helped us take over 1 billion steps for acceptance! That’s enough to go to the moon and back – twice! TOGETHER we can accomplish even more! This year we are asking you to MOVE for Acceptance and ask others to join you! Join individually or create a team! The more people that commit to MOVE, the more we will be able to MOVE the world towards global acceptance for all. 

Together we can MOVE the world in a more accepting direction

How to Participate:

Register and create a personal or team fundraising page!

Upon registration, you can choose to register as an individual or as a fundraising team.  

  • Registering as an individual will allow you to select which Playhouse location you would like to support. After completing registration, you will now have your own fundraising page. This page will be your hub for all things fundraising. Share the link to this page with friends, family, colleagues, and more. You should reach out to anyone that can help raise awareness and funds for your GiGi’s Playhouse location 
  • Registering a team, or joining a team will allow you to combine the efforts of many fundraisers to reach the common goal of raising funds and awareness for GiGi’s Playhouse! The best part is that no team can be too big or small. Share the link to your team's fundraising page and encourage others to register and join you in helping spread the message of global acceptance for all!   
Pay attention for in-person GiGi’s event updates.
  • The GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge is an event that every GiGi’s Playhouse will be involved in some way, shape, or form! This is a worldwide event!  
  • Depending on Covid restrictions, many GiGi’s Playhouse locations will be hosting their very own in-person Acceptance Challenge in your area! It may be a 5K, Acceptance Walk, Dance Marathon, Field Day for Acceptance, etc. Pay attention to the “What’s Happening” tab on the registration home page, and RSVP for an event! As we near June 5th, this page will continue to populate with new event opportunities in which you can participate locally!  
Host Your Own Personal Events
  • An awesome new way to raise funds and spread awareness for the Acceptance Challenge is to host your own community events.. These community events can be anything that brings people together. It is a way for our supporters and fundraisers to be able to engage with their network in the manner that is most effective and convenient for them  

  • The community events can take place any time leading up to the Acceptance Challenge on June 5th. Gather your friends together to host a group workout in the park, organize your kids sports game into a community event, organize a workplace exercise challenge as a community event that go towards company social responsibilityand more! This provides an exciting opportunity for you to create an event that you want to host - literally anything can be turned into a community event! We want to include EVERYONE in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge!!  

  • To create your own community event, you must register as either a team or individual fundraiser. Once registered, your fundraising page presents you the opportunity to Host a Community Event. Fill in all the details for your event, select “donation required,” then share the link to whomever you want to invite. It’s that simple! Now, go out there and host the best Acceptance Challenge Community Event that you can!

Donate and Spread Awareness!!

GiGi's Changes Lives


“There’s something special about Sarah Jane’s comfort level when she is with her GiGi’s crew.”

~Kathryn, Sarah Jane’s mom 


“Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s what the Playhouse is. Everyone genuinely cares about each other, and we have a great time together.”

~Alyse, Conner’s mom 


GiGi’s has provided an extra layer of support locally that many national organizations can not replicate. GiGi’s is a place where the whole family is welcomed and encouraged to participate. That has been great because our whole family can interact with Cree’s learning and development.

~Kelli Caughman