Share your Acceptance Story!!

We believe that the greatest barrier to acceptance is misunderstanding. By sharing your acceptance story, we can provide people the opportunity to learn and grow through understanding.

What is an acceptance story, and how can you share it?

Your acceptance story can be anything that you believe will help people better understand the differences that we all share.

Submit Your Story Below!

  • Vlogs: Video created by you talking about the person in your life with Down syndrome, video of someone with DS, yours or their perspective of the diagnosis
  • Written Blogs/Stories: Written content about someone in your life with Down syndrome or a perspective of the diagnosis, with photos included in the document
  • Any Video Content: Cute, inspiring, funny, loving, informative videos from our GiGi’s Families, with a story behind them!

For any video recordings made, please film vertically on the phone, emphasizing clear audio and video.

For any blogs/written stories, please type them up in a Microsoft Word document with photos in the Word file at the end.

Here are some example prompts:

  • What does the word acceptance mean to you?
  • A Story of you or a loved one feeling excluded cause of “differences”?
  • A story where someone made an effort to include and accept you or a loved one
  • How can people work together to create a more accepting world
  • What does a more accepting world look like to you?
  • How has accepting our differences helped you understand the world?
  • What is your acceptance story?
  • The impact that acceptance can have on your life

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