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  • Visit GiGi's Playhouse on Facebook and share GiGi's message to Netflix!
  • Join Generation G today & share you did on social media with your picture and hashtag #istandwithgigi
  • Nancy and GiGi’s Playhouse are also calling for everyone to take action by signing the petition!
  • Calling Netflix (1-866-579-7172)
  • Mailing a letter to the Netflix corporate headquarters (100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos, CA 95032)
  • Donating to GiGi’s Playhouse give in honor of “Global Acceptance.” Our kids shouldn’t have to live in a world where this type of bullying is allowed. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn this awful situation into an opportunity where we show Tom Segura and Netflix how we come together to support what we believe in?

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Our San Diego location will open in just


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321 Days of Acceptance Gallery









GiGi’s Playhouse embarks on a worldwide social media campaign to introduce the world to one person with Down syndrome for the next 321 straight days!
We're showing the world that every individual is worthy of acceptance every single day: advancing Generation G and our vision for global acceptance!

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New Video:
How I Learn

At GiGi’s Playhouse, we see potential, ability, and possibility. We educate, inspire, and believe. We celebrate uniqueness and we shout out to the world so everyone knows how AWESOME Down syndrome is!

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With more than 9 MILLION VIEWS      on Facebook and other social media sites, Hugs & Mugs interns and mentors are showing the world that adults with Down syndrome can work, want to work, and WILL work! Thank you POPSUGAR for believing in our interns and mentors and for being accepting generous and kind!

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