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The April question is – If you could go back in time to the day you received a Down syndrome diagnosis, what would you tell yourself?

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“I love this question! If I could go back 12 years from this coming September 19th when a physician came into my room and said I could leave my baby on a table and walk away because she would never roll or walk or do anything – what would I tell myself?!

Don’t fear the unknown or better yet Don’t try to control the unknown!

It’s going to happen and we can’t prepare for it as we wish we could! I’ve written before how random flashes of our future kept me awake at night. Would she ride a bike, would she go to college, and more things that I could not answer or control! I’ve learned so much in 19 years of being a parent and being a parent to a child with Down syndrome has enhanced that,  made me a better person, I think I’m more understanding, compassionate, forgiving or maybe not (don’t ask my kids). 😉  I have learned that I’m going to have fears and the only thing I can do is keep moving forward educating and providing acceptance and awareness!” ~ Olivia’s mom, Daniell

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