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It happens… You give your signature, leave the IEP meeting, take home your paperwork, and get home only to realize you forgot to request something to be included in your child’s IEP. Perhaps they forgot to indicate a certain accommodation or you are still unsure on the placement decided on in the meeting. Not to worry because it is never too late to request an edit to your child’s IEP, via an IEP amendment.



You can request an IEP amendment meeting at any time to revise/amend the IEP, as needed. A meeting may not always be required in order to make an edit, depending on the change. You do not need to wait a whole year until your child’s next annual review meeting. It is best practice to go to the professional that your concern relates to first. For example, if you see your child has accomplished his or her speech goal prior to the next annual review date, contact the speech therapist to thank and celebrate your child’s progress! Then inquire about drafting up a new goal to keep your child moving forward on that skill.  A new goal can be added via an IEP amendment. Or if your child is not making adequate progress on a particular goal, perhaps a goal revision is necessary to make it more achievable. It is case specific if a face to face meeting is needed to make a change to an IEP.

If there is something you are uncomfortable with about your child’s current IEP and you would like something changed and don’t know how to go about it, you can contact an IEP consultant to help guide you. This is especially helpful when the school may not be completely willing to comply with your edit request, such as a request for an aide, behavior plan, change in accommodations, change in placement that is not working, etc.

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Thank you Carly Quinlan IEP Consulting, LLC for sharing these great tips! 


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