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Can’t stop! Won’t Stop! (but I will remember to stop and enjoy the moments)

Have you ever been so busy that when you finally take a breath and you hear birds chirp that you are surprised by that beautiful sound?  I have had my head so buried that I was not seeing, or hearing, the beauty all around me!  This happens to me sometimes...
GiGi's Playhouse

#GenerationG, the new G in town.

Guest poster and GiGi's Playhouse mom, Beth,  shares some thoughts and a challenge with us today! Are you a "G"?   Urban dictionary defines a "G" as a term of endearment or to be in "what's up G?" This term was coined during the 90's in the hip-hop world...

Dear Doctor | Know Better, Do Better.

GiGi's Playhouse is made of inspiration, belief, achievements and the beautiful stories of every person who becomes part of this family. Today we are proud to share the words and heart of GiGi's Playhouse Tinley Park founder, Diane Husar.  Like many her introduction to the Down syndrome world was less...

One Million Voices? It is possible!

When I think about reaching one million voices, I literally get sick to my stomach, thinking how are we going to make this happen??? It’s impossible! Then I think back to the very first Playhouse and I remember multiple people asking if they could open one. More than one?? I...

Does anyone have a cassette player?

At the recent opening of our 38th GiGi’s Playhouse location in Tampa Florida, I was reminded and touched by the incredible love of siblings multiple times. First, in all of the siblings playing with their sibling with Down syndrome, helping them, laughing, sometimes fighting(have to keep it real) but always...

Ending Summer with a Bang: Baseball, Lemonade and the Sunshine State!

Summer is winding down and GiGi and I have had very little time to catch our breath over the last few months. We packed thousands of miles and countless accomplishments into a very short summer-and we are not done yet!  In fact, tomorrow we leave for Tampa Florida for the...
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