Achieve, Believe, Celebrate & Donate!

At GiGi’s Playhouse, we believe in challenging ourselves to be better every day and to be our Best of All! We are inspired each day by the families and participants we serve – they never give up or back down in the incredible ways they are changing the way the world views Down syndrome. Now you have a chance to help us – Achieve, Believe, Celebrate and DONATE!

How can you make a difference and BELIEVE in GiGi’s?

There are three ways you can make a difference:

ACHIEVERS make dreams happen through generous large donations from individuals, foundations and businesses. These donations will help GiGi’s ACHIEVE everything from the creation of a GiGi’s app, the expansion of programs like GiGiFIT, to needed Playhouse improvements, plus a host of other important items.

BELIEVERS start a team! They are families and supporters who dream of a promising future for individuals with Down syndrome by BELIEVING in the possibility for their growth and development. Each team will commit to raising funds to support GiGi’s Playhouse in offering purposeful therapeutic, educational and career-development programs that are always FREE to families.

CHAMPIONS truly believe in the families and individuals with Down syndrome who participate in GiGi’s Playhouse programs. GiGi’s Champions are family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, community members and strangers alike. No donation is too small to show your support for GiGi’s Playhouse!

Achiever Opportunities


$100,000+ Achievement Partnership  

IMPACT: Your sustaining partnership sends an undeniable message to all families, volunteers, future donors and community members that GiGi’s Playhouse is worthy of their investment.  Whether they are investing their time for their loved ones with Down syndrome, giving their talent as a volunteer, contributing financially, or look to GiGi’s for a source for their future employees, all will follow the lead of the Achiever Partners as the true believers in the GiGi’s mission.  You will send a message of credibility, enable sustainability, and reinforce our lifetime commitment to families.


$50,000+ Computer Upgrades

IMPACT: GiGi’s Playhouses offers families and individuals with Down syndrome 46 physical brick and mortar locations – a place to learn, a place to grow, a place to celebrate, and a place to know you're not alone.  By underwriting the new computers required by our national staff to keep our ever-growing network of Playhouses up and running, you will be allowing GiGi’s Playhouse to continue to be 99% volunteer run and operate at an astounding 5% GNA.


$50,000+ GiGi’s App Development
IMPACT: Our goal is to carry the mission and support of GiGi’s Playhouse beyond our physical walls and into the homes of every individual with Down syndrome who needs GiGi’s inspiration and motivation.  Your support will allow for the development of a GiGi’s mobile app that can be used by Playhouse participants to schedule sessions, perform at-home work on programs, and be a “virtual” part of the GiGi’s family.



$25,000 GiGiFIT Development, Programs & Supplies

IMPACT: Adults and children enhance their physical fitness, muscle tone, self-esteem, self-expression and socialization skills through GiGiFIT.  The GiGiFIT program focuses on improving fitness through strength, endurance, joint stability, balance, and movement control.  With programs for newborns through adults, the GiGiFIT programs address low muscle tone and joint laxity in individuals with Down syndrome and builds an environment of lifetime physical therapy and fitness. By supporting GiGiFIT, you allow for the development and expansion of the program by certified experts to new audiences, as well as the purchase of much needed supplies for the sessions.

$25,000 Smart Boards

IMPACT: The GiGiU and GiGi Prep programs offer instruction to our adults with Down Syndrome to prepare them for life outside of the classroom, but the technology is lacking.  By providing Smart Boards in our classrooms, conference rooms and the entry way to the Playhouse, your gift can show our families and individuals with Down syndrome a new way to learn and interact with each other and their instructors, as well as our staff, families and donors


$10,000 GiGi Intern Chrome Books  

Impact: The GiGi Intern program, encompassing both Hugs & Mugs and GiGi Professional, teaches our adults life skills which enable them to enter the workplace as productive individuals. However, most modern workplaces require employees to be computer literate. Your support will allow for the purchase of Google Chromebooks, as well as the set-up, warranties, maintenance, and instruction for all participating interns.


$10,000 Learning Labs Equipment   

IMPACT: Children and adults expand their reading, math skills, speech and language skills, organization skills, self-confidence, and focus through our 1-on-1 Literacy and Math Tutoring and Speech and Language Therapy programs!  Shh... don’t tell them that they’re learning while they think they’re just having fun playing with letters, shapes, manipulatives, games and tactile strategies that teach our participants the way they learn best. Your donation will provide for a digital camera, color desktop printer, an industrial paper cutter, iPads and iPad cases with built-in keyboards, as well as other items needed by tutors and staff.



$5,000 #GenerationG

IMPACT: Be accepting.  Be generous.  Be kind.  That is the message of Generation G.  The GiGi’s mission is to change the way the world views Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all.  Help us fulfill that mission in this community through awareness campaigns, outreach, and marketing materials.   Awareness materials include national calendars, banners, and booklets for parents, educators, and potential employers of participants with Down syndrome.


$5,000 Playhouse Equipment   

IMPACT:  Help our Playhouse run smoothly and safely with up-to-date equipment.  Immediate needs include a new portable projector and screen, a digital camera and printer, sound system upgrades, an ice machine and other items needed by staff and volunteers.



$2,500 Toys, Equipment and Manipulatives

IMPACT: Children and teenagers with Down syndrome participate in therapeutic play and activities with a variety of equipment, toys and manipulatives to develop motor skills, language skills, and social skills while interacting with their peers and siblings.


$2,500 Toddler Toilet and Bathroom Modifications

IMPACT: One of the largest populations we serve is ages newborn to 5 years, and yet our bathroom is equipped for adult use only.  Your support will help us purchase and install a toddler toilet in at least one of our bathrooms, as well as make other upgrades to our bathrooms to better suit our populations.


$2,500 Playhouse Training and Support

IMPACT: We are 99% volunteer run!  While using volunteers helps to keep our costs down, training staff and volunteers takes time, materials and ongoing support. Your donation will help us continue to be financially savvy and support those who’s generous donation of time makes what we do possible!