Welcome to our Virtual Programming site.

Welcome to GiGi’s at Home programming! GiGi’s Playhouse facilitates over 4,400 FREE therapeutic and educational program hours a week at GiGi’s locations across the United States and Mexico. It is important to know these programs are typically facilitated in a group setting in a GiGi’s Playhouse. Just because we are physically distant, does not mean you can’t have access to the same purposeful programming that you are accustomed to. The great news is we have two ways for you to stay connected to GiGi’s Playhouse programs.

The content below is organized by age group.

GiGi’s at Home Live!

GiGi’s at Home Live is our way of bringing purposeful programs to you each and every day at a specific time. This allows you to interact with our volunteer program leaders and fellow participants engaging in purposeful activities designed for your loved one's age group.

GiGi’s at Home On Demand!

GiGi’s at Home On Demand is our way of bringing purposeful programs to you at a time that is convenient for you. You will have access to program recordings, lesson plans and activities to use when you are ready.


All Ages (One on One)

Programs and activities for one on one activities


All Ages (Group)

Programs and activities for any age


Early Learners (0-4)

Programs and activities for 0-4


School Age (5-12)

Programs and activities for individuals 5-12 years old


Teen and Adult (13+)

Programs and activities for Teen and Adults 13 years of age and older


Career (18+)

Programs and activities for individuals 18+


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