A note from Desiree & Brighton

“GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse gives our son, Brighton, the opportunity to learn alongside others like him, as we don’t have a GiGi’s playhouse where we live.

It has helped our family learn what it’s like in his shoes and the programs expose him to sign language. We love learning new signs and showing them to him. We know one day he will pick it up in his own time. It has helped us as parents learn as well.  

We attend LMNOP, Family Speaker classes, Yoga, and Story Telling. Brighton loves doing story time and LMNOP with his baby brother and we all get the opportunity to learn with each other thanks to GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse. Our favorite moment was during the LMNOP program where the theme was “A Snowy Day” where we all made edible snow! We hold all our moments with GiGi’s playhouse near and dear to our family’s heart. Brighton has grown to love drawing and painting, which previously he didn’t have any interest in. We couldn’t be prouder of him, and we love the artistic interest he has now! 

GiGi’s has helped our family in many ways and the volunteers are amazing people! We are so grateful they take the time to help families like us. We can’t thank GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse enough for what they do for our families.” 

Desiree and Brighton 

Where in the world will you impact acceptance? 

Registration is NOW OPEN for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge! Join us in advocating for acceptance within the Down syndrome community. Let’s demonstrate that everyone deserves acceptance, regardless of differences in race, gender, diagnosis, sexual orientation, or religion! Our goal is ACCEPTANCE for all!   You can register today with your local playhouse or through the Virtual…


Illuminating Pathways to a Brighter, More Inclusive Future

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of our lives were upended. But amidst the challenges, opportunities for connection and growth emerged in unexpected places. For Cindy Marie, this opportunity came in the form of GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse. When the pandemic closed physical locations, Cindy Marie found herself eager to continue supporting the…

The equation for success 

GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has an incredible 1:1 math tutoring program where our math tutors are empowering their students by promoting a positive experience of learning mathematics with a sound foundation of basic number understanding. Our volunteers choose to become tutors for many reasons. One of our math tutors, Paul Guglielmo, told us “Volunteering was always important to…

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