Jordan SPY’s a meaningful experience 

“When discussing ways that I could volunteer my time in a meaningful way, one of my coworkers shared her experiences with GiGi’s, and I was immediately inspired to get involved. I thought it was so incredible to be able to engage with folks and their families in all parts of the country! I was looking to engage with individuals with Down syndrome and be directly educated about their experiences. Currently, I volunteer with the Teen Tastic program for the Virtual Playhouse. Each week, I assist the program leader as they guide participants through games of iSpy,” says Jordan.

Teen Tastic is a program for teens which focuses on building social skills with friends and by participating in team-based activities in a casual and fun setting. “The use of the game iSpy in Teen Tastic is like a visual treasure hunt; each page holds secrets waiting to be found, turning ordinary moments into exciting discoveries for every teen,” says our Program Coordinator Claire LeBlond. We are very lucky to have had Jordan volunteer with this program for the past 7 months!

“One moment that stands out to me from my time volunteering is from the first week when I was excitedly greeted by some of the participants when I logged onto the program. Each week before the session starts, we chat about various topics like plans for the weekend, favorite animals, etc. I really enjoy talking with and getting to know each participant. The first time they greeted me with a “Hi Jordan!” I felt I had truly made connections!  

When I’m not volunteering with GiGi’s, I’m currently working towards my long-term career goal of genetic counseling. I would absolutely recommend volunteering to others! It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with individuals with Down syndrome and their families. I love being able to volunteer virtually as it provides an environment to meet folks from different locations. The learning and social opportunities GiGi’s provides those with Down syndrome and their families is so valuable. Having a role in those opportunities is an incredibly meaningful experience.”

– Jordan, Teen Tastic virtual volunteer


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