Perspective: by Maddie Garza, 1:1 Literacy Tutor

Today, we are embarking on the journey of recognizing that letters have names and sounds that, when put together, can create words. Rhett has shown an immense love for learning in the most unconventional ways. As someone who works professionally in the pediatric neurodiverse community, I could not love this learning style anymore. We often find ourselves making words with puzzles, recognizing our sight words within specific books, spelling with playdough cutouts and kinetic sand, and reading to Rhett’s favorite toy at the playhouse, his sweet baby doll. Rhett has shown that learning to read, or learning in general, does not have to be an uphill challenge. Instead, Rhett has shown me that learning can be approached in various ways. The only limitation is imagination; between us, we will not be running out of that any time soon.

Just short of a year now, I have been working with the incredible and outstanding Daniels Family and their five-year-old son, Rhett. Rhett and I met back in October of 2022. The moment I met Rhett, I knew we were going to pave the way for the most magical art… Reading. When Rhett and I began the journey of Gigi’s Playhouse Orange County literacy program, we were both evidently nervous but excited to embark on this wonderful adventure. Since our first day of tutoring, we have gone on the many adventures of Dr. Suess, popped approximately 1000 bubbles, dinosaur stomped away around the playhouse, and learned the American English alphabet in American Sign Language.

Exploring the world of reading with someone like Rhett has not only developed a more profound love for reading but has also empowered me to continue to emphasize the importance of communication and education. The opportunity to be a literacy tutor at Gigi’s Orange County has been nothing short of a miracle. Thus, I end this post with a perfect summary of the importance of education for all. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin.

Madison Garza, 1:1 Literacy Tutor at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County

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