Kid’s Club Best of All: Elisa and her brothers

Elisa, alongside her brothers Jacobo and Rodrigo, epitomizes the essence of family values at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County. The mission of GiGi’s Playhouse revolves around “transforming lives through the consistent provision of free educational, therapeutic-based, and career development programs for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the broader community.” At our playhouse, everyone is embraced – siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, and friends alike.

Elisa, Jacobo & Rodrigo

Through their participation in the Kid’s Club program, Elisa’s brothers deepen their sibling connection, fostering a bond that will endure a lifetime of care and support for one another. Elisa’s parents, Beatriz and Eloy, actively engage as members of our Board, contributing significantly to the establishment and growth of our playhouse. Similarly, her grandparents, aunts, and uncles are integral parts of our community, lending their support and enthusiasm.

The positive impact of Elisa’s presence extends beyond her immediate family; her neighbors are also drawn into the fold, joining in the special events hosted at the playhouse. Elisa’s infectious smile and gentle nature serve as a beacon, rallying family and friends from both near and far to unite in realizing the dreams nurtured at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County. We are immensely grateful for the warmth and joy she brings to our community.

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