Leaps & Bounds Best of All: Tsubaki

Tsubaki (5) and her parents recently made the move from the East Coast to Irvine, California, where they were active participants in the New York City GiGi’s Playhouse location. Now, Orange County is delighted to welcome the Yamazaki family as part of our community. Tsubaki enthusiastically engages in our Leaps and Bounds program, 1:1 Literacy tutoring, and Music in Motion. She’s a fixture at our special events, though she might be absent if she’s vacationing in Japan visiting her cousins!

Zak and Asuka, Tsubaki’s parents, exhibit great generosity by frequently supplying copious amounts of pizza for our Family fun nights. They’re also thoughtful, showing appreciation to our Site Manager, Suzanne, with birthday flowers and a friendship doll gift from Tokyo. Adding to the excitement, they’ve shared the news that Tsubaki is soon to become a big sister!

As the Yamazaki family expands, so does our affection for them. Tsubaki, a smart, sweet, and polite fashionista, has won over all our hearts. Matching outfits and smiles with her mother, and with her father beaming with pride, their presence is truly cherished. We’re thrilled to have the Yamazaki family here on the West Coast, eagerly anticipating witnessing Tsubaki (and her soon-to-arrive sibling) grow up before our eyes

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