Best of All: JoJo

JoJo is the happiest 7 year old boy you will meet.

He loves his family, playing at GiGi’s, and his tutor, Laara. They began working together at the beginning of the summer and they hit it off quickly. JoJo’s mom does an amazing job homeschooling him and works with Laara to help him learn to read, write, and spell.

The past few weeks, JoJo and Laara worked on making a book all about things JoJo can do. They made a list of things he can do, they took pictures of him doing the actions, they matched the pictures to the sentences, and finally they put together the book.

Today, Laara brought the finished book for the pair to read together and for JoJo to be able to take it home. The joy and pride of the pair’s hard work shone from their faces and brought a giant smile to his mom’s face. JoJo even read his own story to Jen!

JoJo and Laara worked together as a team, and their hard work brought out their BEST OF ALL!

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