Watch Us Grow!

Sept 1 Update:

Plumbing! It's not pretty but this is the start of a brand new, ADA accessible restroom! It is one of the FOUR bathrooms we will have in our new space! We are currently waiting on the first of many inspections by the City of Roswell to ensure everything is up to code and safe for our families!


August 15 Update:

It's electric! New lighting and ceiling tiles are going in this week! Out go the old florescent lighting and in goes LED ceiling tile lighting! Outlets have been wired for the new rooms and they've added a ceiling fan to the gym! The plumber is expected this week as well to start work on a 4th bathroom! Yes, we will have 4 bathrooms at the Playhouse now! We love seeing the progress each day and are happy to give our families a tour anytime!


August 4 Update:

In late July we selected BH Gregory Constructing, Inc. as our contractors for the expansion. In the past week, they have completed demolition on the superfluous walls, ripped up all the existing carpets, and framed all our new rooms in our newly leased units!


Some of our new rooms are framed and ready to be built:




One of our new tutoring rooms


Sensory Room

Next comes electrical and plumbing work! Keep your eyes on this page as we continue to post progress updates!

At GiGi's Atlanta, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve the Down syndrome community with quality free therapeutic, educational, and social programming. And because of your belief in us, we are growing and serving more families than ever before! As a result, we have simply outgrown our current space in Roswell.

Playhouse Before

With the support of our Board of Directors, donors, families, sponsors and partners, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Roswell location! With more than 4,000 square feet, we will be able to offer multiple programs simultaneously as well as increase the number of programs offered.

Look at our future Playhouse plans! 

GiGi's Atlanta staff & board, along with our partners at Hendrick, Inc., aimed to create the most effective and efficient use of space for our families and participants!

Stay tuned to this page to follow along as we document our progress!