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October, Down Syndrome Acceptance Month,  is done but we do not stop here! It has been wonderful to look out at Playhouse’s across the nation and Mexico share facts, bust myths and inspire their communities on the truth Down syndrome. This quote form a Playhouse family has us all smiling very proud smiles!  “My eyes are filled with tears and joy is bursting through my heart. I am so delighted that people see our son for who we know him to be. This is the first time in his life that he is getting to be heard. Thank you for this gift.” This right here is what fuels us all!

Check out the GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis BLOG for 21 days of 21 bits, pieces, fact, fiction, truths, myths, and random tidbits of miscellaneous randomness.

We shared the joy with GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago as they had their Grand Re Opening on October 23rd! GiGi & Nancy where able to help share the excitement on Fox 32. GiGi's Playhouse

We enjoyed GiGi’s Playhouse Nashville’s Facebook posts, “Let’s spend the month learning about #Downsyndrome!” A new beautiful post each day.

We celebrated with GiGi’s Playhouse Rochester as they had a successful Facebook event, actually we were a little jealous to not be there on such  fun night. 😉

We cheered loud and proud as Playhouses across the nation engaged with their local government and were given proclamations stating October as Down Syndrome Acceptance Month!GiGi's Playhouse

Right here at GiGi’s Playhouse Hoffman Estates & GiGi’s Playhouse, Inc. we celebrated with GiGiFest!

Acceptance is growing. We will not stop here, it cannot be just one month, we must keep talking, keep sharing, keep taking action. Every day committing to be our best.

Generation G

This coming week we gather with GiGi’s Playhouse leaders from across the network to continue growing, learning, strengthening our voice in order to keep bringing change and acceptance one community, one diagnose, one child at a time.  How can you help?

~ Show us your heart! – Draw a G with a heart on your hand, take a selfie and share it on Social Media. Tell the world you are kind, generous & accepting! Be sure to tag your pictures #generationG #gigisplayhouse so we can see them all!

~ Random act of kindness #generationG style! Find a way to spread kindness in your community and leave a little note. Download-Acts of Kindness, Generation G style.

POL_Love Acts of Kindness Cards

* Bake cookies and secretly deliver them to a neighbor.
* Pay for someone’s meal in a restaurant or behind you in the drive-thru.
* Put a $10 or $20 bill in an envelope, and anonymously leave it somewhere.
* Leave flowers for someone.
* Have a gift delivered to a nursing home or hospital patient.
* Leave someone a very nice tip.
* Secretly drop off goodies on a co-worker’s desk.
* Place a jar of change on the doorstep of someone in need.
* Donate a bag of clothes to someone.
* Leave an unexpected gift for your mailman, boss, babysitter, hairdresser, pastor, teacher, bus driver, dentist, doctor, policeman, fireman, or anyone else who may need to have his/her day made a little brighter.

~ Volunteer at your local Playhouse! GiGi’s Playhouses across the country and in Mexico are able to provide purposeful programs because of the amazing volunteers who give of their time & talent. What a wonderful way to put action to your belief in individuals with Down syndrome! Find your nearest LOCATION and see how you can get involved.

Happy November! Together we will take action for greater kindness & acceptance!

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