Top O the mornin’ to ya!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Here are the McGianni kids celebrating St. Patrick’s day!  Of course since this picture was taken GiGi has added a purse and every other accessory she can think of!  

6 months ago I joined a boot camp and never thought I would make it through the first week!  I remember praying as I was running and thinking about GiGi at therapy and how I would always push her to “do just one more”, and as usual she would always step up to the plate.   So how could I quit?  She has gotten me through boot camp for 6 months now!  I always think how hard she works with low muscle tone and how easy it is for me.  I thank God for all the muscles he gave me especially  after I realize what a gift they really are.
Being in boot camp has allowed me to be a better mother to all my kids and I thank GiGi for her tenacity and motivation.   She never quits and has shown me how great the results can be if you just try.  She gives 100% to her life everyday and she deserves the same from me.
Today I reached my goal of 60 sit ups in 60 seconds and I could have never done it without her!   With her as my inspiration anything is possible!!      
Happy St. Patrick’s day!! 
(OK…if you force me I’ll drink a beer for you!!)

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