The next Idol or Top model!!

The Karaoke Queen is bustin a move! Apparently she has been watching too much Hannah Montana. Not only does she know the words to all of the songs but she has mastered her moves. As soon as the camera comes out she strikes a pose that changes with every snap of the camera!! Talk about attitude!!! (I wonder where she gets that from??)
She is all about accessories now. She will disappear and come back fully dressed head to toe with multiple head bands, purses, shirts etc…. First words out of her mouth “How do I look Mom? How do I look?” Then the Italian accent comes out “I like-a this one.”
Just now she was trying to talk to me but I am typing so she said “Mommy?? Yoo-Who mommy!” and waved her hand in front of my face! She took money out of my wallet and wants to buy Bella a diet coke! She is hilarious!!

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