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Take the "I Accept You" pledge and make a commitment to being accepting, generous and kind every day and in every way! By taking the pledge, you will join a new era of game-changers that we call #GenerationG! 

The Gianni's with Mario Lopez

GiGi and Mario Lopez at the GiGi's Gala 2017

Steve Harvey giving check

Steve Harvey and Ford Foundation Donation

Nancy and GiGi on Windy City Live

On the Set of ABC's Windy City Live


One Million Voices? It is possible!

When I think about reaching one million voices, I literally get sick to my stomach, thinking how are we going to make this happen??? It’s impossible! Then I think back to the very first Playhouse and I remember multiple people asking if they could open one. More than one?? I can’t even handle this one,…


Does anyone have a cassette player?

At the recent opening of our 38th GiGi’s Playhouse location in Tampa Florida, I was reminded and touched by the incredible love of siblings multiple times. First, in all of the siblings playing with their sibling with Down syndrome, helping them, laughing, sometimes fighting(have to keep it real) but always caring. Then by a woman…


Ending Summer with a Bang: Baseball, Lemonade and the Sunshine State!

Summer is winding down and GiGi and I have had very little time to catch our breath over the last few months. We packed thousands of miles and countless accomplishments into a very short summer-and we are not done yet!  In fact, tomorrow we leave for Tampa Florida for the opening of their Playhouse!  That…


Sweet 16

Sixteen years ago, my husband Paul and I envisioned a new world of acceptance and opportunity when we welcomed into the family, our second daughter GiGi, born with Down syndrome. Frustrated by negative reactions from her medical team and discovering an alarming absence of every day, positive and practical resources for children and parents, I committed my…


5 Playhouses in 6 Days! | Our tanks are FULL!

5 Playhouses in 6 Days, a full day strategy meeting and the biggest donor pitch of our life… it’s just another week at GiGi’s Playhouse Inc!   Waldo’s got nothin’ on GiGi and me!!! We’ve been globetrotters for the past week traveling far and wide to spread the #GenerationG movement of inclusion for all! We’ve…

2018 NDSC Elevator selfie(low)

Everything Really is Bigger in Texas – Especially the Miracles!

GiGi and I had nothing short of an astounding weekend in Dallas!! It was a trip filled with unexpected miracles complete with a reassuring penny sent straight from my Angels! For those willing to see, these “God moments” were everywhere and served as poignant reminders that GiGi’s Playhouse IS making a big difference in the…

LA-Special Olympics & Best Buddies

Generation G Goes to Hollywood! Our Voice is Being Heard!

What do you get when you mix Rachel, from Born This Way, Dustin from Special Olympics, Tim Shriver Jr, Franco, Bella, GiGi & me? A dream team fighting for our kids! We recently traveled to Long Beach, CA for a private meeting with Tom Segura, the comedian from Netflix, and his manager about his use and…


Three Tips for balance | Chief Belief Offier, Nancy Gianni

Hello all!    Today’s blog post is about how to balance a family and a business, and once I figure it all out I will be sure to let you know! In my book, I share the difficult but necessary first choice my husband and I made together… When the dream of opening a place…

The Third Place-Quote)lowres)

The Third Place | What does Generation G look like?

I’m baaack!! I was really excited to see the story about Starbucks yesterday and their quest to be #GenerationG! As you know #GenerationG is a conscious decision to be better every day—Be Accepting. Be Generous. Be Kind. While reading their statement I was really blown away by the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, who used…


My inspiration | Nancy Gianni, Chief Belief Officer

Hello friends, I’m back again with another blog post. Today, I’ll be talking about my personal inspiration: my daughter, GiGi. Here are a few examples of the way GiGi has inspired me, sampled from my book, #GenerationG. 1.   She’s always in the present moment. She remembers things that she’s learned, and she teaches them back to…