Music Makers and Dance have gotten a PROMOTION to Signature Programs 

GiGi’s Music Makers and Dance programs have been added to our list of Signature Programs!!!  

In 2023, the Programs team took a look at our most popular specialty programs and with a lot of research, collaboration and planning the GiGi’s Signature Dance and Signature Music Makers family of programs were created!  

Group of participants at GiGi's playhouse dancing
Participants at GiGi's Playhouse playing musical instruments

You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for me?  

For Families and Participants, this shows that the GiGi’s Playhouse network is always working on expanding and improving the programs that we offer for YOU!!! Our dedicated team has worked on implementing new strategies for skill building opportunities for both of these programs! Some of the goals of these programs include: 

  • Increased gross motor skills, with a focus on coordinated movements and body awareness to promote physical development.   
  • Increased self-confidence, with a focus on progressions set at an appropriate pace to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride.  
  • Increased creative expression, with a focus on creating an alternative outlet for emotional expression, creativity, and cooperation.   
  • Increased engagement, with a focus on active participation to foster a love for dance and music.  

All of the goals that are promoted during our GiGi’s Dance and Music Makers programs can be transferred into everyday life, showing why GiGi’s programming is SOO important for participants and families to attend! 

As a Playhouse, this means that there has been a huge list of materials added to the Resource Library that correspond with each of these programs including Program Guides, Budgeting Guides, lesson plans and so much more! This means that YOU as a Playhouse can confidently offer a program that has been purposefully researched with materials shared from across the GiGi’s Playhouse network! These programs have also been broken down by age groups, allowing safe and efficient progressions to be made during each lesson! 

Young participant at a GiGi's Playhouse Signature Program
GiGi's Playhouse participants dancing

We look forward to seeing you at one (or both) of our newest Signature programs!  

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