Mother’s day weekend!

Yes, that says “We love you Grandma” but it was for my Mom!   (Don’t start my nasty little friends!) 

Anyway, Sunday morning I woke to the most beautiful face staring directly in my eyes.  She was holding my hand (that was hanging off the bed) and excitedly said “HI!” Then “Good morning Mommy!” with so much anticipation in her voice!!  Well, the kids had been up getting breakfast ready (it was 6:44!  If they only knew I was out with my best friend the night before and on stage with the band singing “I love rock and roll” just 6 hours before!) Anyway, with all the kids getting things ready downstairs GiGi knew we were celebrating Mommy and couldn’t wait to get started.  She had already given me all her gifts she made at school on Friday so when the kids started to give me stuff she just smiled and took it all in.  She opened up Bella’s card to read it and said “Oh, lovely Bella”.  She then disappeared and came back a couple of seconds later with a gift behind her back.   It seems she had gone into Franco’s room to “go shopping” and came back and proudly presented me with a bobble head!!  It was hilarious!   

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