Florida or bust!

OK…You know how every couple of years you need to take a road trip just to remember why you don’t take road trips??  Well this was our year!

We drove to Florida for spring break.  It was such an awesome trip!  I was shocked how well the kids did.  Especially GiGi.  I remember I kept on looking into the back seat completely amazed by her.  I never put limitations on her but I never expected so much from a five year old!  She had her sub sandwich in one hand her chocolate milk in another and she was watching the “Bee Movie” and having a great time.  I thought we would have to make frequent potty stops but of course she proved me wrong!  (it seems she has turned into a little camel these last couple of years!)  I truly was blown away (once again) by her.      
Then when she got to the pool I saw she has also become a little fish!  She was jumping in, doing the back stroke, and giving me a heart attack but I had to let her do it and she was awesome!
I am so glad that we have taught her to face her fears and helped her through sensory issues with patience and strength.  I remember the first time we went on the wave runner and she covered her ears and was very afraid.  We went slow, sang songs and by the end of the trip she was having a great time.   I think some times what appears to be sensory is more about fear.  When I make her feel safe and secure there is nothing she won’t do!   

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