Finish last post!

I guess I said Mother’s day weekend so I should finish!  

Saturday morning started with a spa treatment for the girls!  (I was supposed to be at a spin class but I had scrapped my knee Friday night playing softball on a play at home. (yes, I got her out! Totally worth the blood!)  I know I could have done the class but I had an excuse! (In my brain anyway!!)  So the girls got up and wanted their nails done and their hair etc….  We had a non stop day ahead of us so it was good to have some girlie time alone with them.  We then headed to the Playhouse to catch the end of the 2 and under group (my favorite!) and attend the Hop, Skip and Jumper class for GiGi, which she of course LOVES!!!   From there we went straight to a party at a hall downtown for a communion party, then straight to Franco’s baseball game then to my nephews 21st birthday party which lead to me singing with the band at 1 am!  All this was without my trusty camera so I have nothing for ya!  Except a great weekend with GiGi rockin’ along all the way!  (except the later part of Saturday night!)  (Psheew!!)    

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