Continued Learning for All with GiGi’s Summer Programming 

The Summertime: often associated with sun, sand and so much fun, but also a time where those amazing educational milestones reached during the school year can take a turn towards regression. GiGi’s Playhouse programming can help with that!!!! 

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Over the Summer, our network of Playhouses are hard at work providing FREE, educational and therapeutic programming that can help support the goals of individuals with Down syndrome of all ages! We offer programs ranging from 1-on-1 tutoring in Literacy, Math and Speech to Group Therapeutic programs that support healthy lifestyles, build communities, and lifelong friendships, and dive head first into subject areas such as STEM, fitness, sign language, the arts and so much more!  

During times of transition and change or periods with fewer demands, we can begin to notice signs of regression like loss of adaptive skills, increase in repetitive behaviors, anxiety, stubbornness, and attention seeking behaviors. In order to counteract these regression behaviors and support our community during this time of transition, GiGi’s Playhouse continues to hold consistent programming throughout the Summer with Playhouses even offering additional programming to fill the gaps in schedule. Which is why:  

Summer is the best opportunity to hold new programming at your Playhouse!  

It is a time where our participants have additional time to build new skills and gain confidence! We can focus on hosting new programs throughout the summer that can be carried into the school year. See what works for your community!  

Are your families looking for more fine-motor skill building activities? Think about holding Art Explosion, a unique and enriching program that supports the growth of key developmental skills like fine-motor, self-confidence and creative expression, cognitive and sensory development!  

Summer program coloring art
Shared by GiGi’s Sacramento

Are your participants begging you for extra time with their friends? Try out Fantastic Friends, an interactive and engaging program for adults 18+ that supports the development of social skills and language through peer-to-peer interaction! 

Summer program of kids at the zoo
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Have you been on the couch this summer watching Ratatouille on repeat? Become the chef with GiGi’s Kitchen, designed to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early exposure to practical cooking skills! 

Summer program with kids cooking
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The possibility for growth is endless, especially with all of the extra time we have on our hands over the Summer!  

If you are looking for a way to combat the Summer Slump, look no further than GiGi’s Playhouse. If you have a Playhouse in your community, check out their online calendar and register today for Summer-time programs! If you do not have a Playhouse in your area, have no fear, the Virtual Playhouse is here!!  

If you’re seeking to participate in GiGi’s Playhouse but lack proximity to a physical location, look to GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse! Discover a range of free virtual programs suitable for all ages to keep you engaged throughout the summer. These programs are supplements to education, helping prepare you for the upcoming school year. Check out our virtual calendar for a list of our programs this summer!   

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