Community Down Syndrome Resources

Like all things in life, being well-informed and prepared for the future is the key to living stress-free now. We feel it is more important than anything for ALL families, caregivers and supporters of the Down syndrome community to know of the abundance of resources available to them. These resources can drastically improve the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones.

Note that these resources are affiliated with a variety of organizations from the Down syndrome community. We hope, through the sharing of these resources, the Down syndrome community can be properly prepared to live their best life possible!

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 Resource/Organization Website Other Information Resource Author
Down Syndrome Answerscdss.caCDSS
Addressing Inequalities for Black Families in The DS Communitymydsc.orgLumind and BDSA
Weight Management Recommendations for Youth With Down syndromemydsc.orgLUMIND
Adult Sibling Toolkitndsccenter.orgNDSC
Regression and Down Syndromendss.orgNDSS
 Resource/Organization Website Other Information Resource Author