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Everyday Miracles | Are you looking?

Everyday Miracles My grandson and I have something in common:  We both love food!  We love working in the kitchen together, preparing and cooking our favorite dishes, and baking, too.  Fortunately, we’re into portion control and nutrition, about which he learns a great deal in school.  When nine-year-old Louis (“Louie”) comes to visit for Spring…


Sand & Sun! GiGi’s Playhouse in San Diego!

    Another whirlwind, jam-packed, achievement-filled trip in under our belts! GiGi and I flew out to help celebrate the Grand Opening of GiGi’s Playhouse number 37! There was so much gratitude and love! Over 600 friends and families attended and the excitement showed on all their faces! We even saw people from other Playhouses…

GianniFamily-Gainsville 2018

Spring Break GiGi’s Style!

Another Gianni family adventure is in the books! My crew was ready to kick off the #GenerationG Book tour and spend World Down Syndrome Day in Florida with our friends from GiGi’s Playhouse Gainesville. GiGi signed books and made new friends. We even had our friends from  GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Wayne! The whole family celebrated…

Purpousful Progresions - High Knee

What are Paired Progressions & how do they promote Best of All?

Being a part of an international network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers has its perks! One of those perks being that we have brilliant minds within the network that are constantly researching, advocating, enhancing programs and more. One of the latest updates to our purposeful programs are Paired Progressions! We have always used Purposeful Progressions,…

World Down Syndrome Day 2018, It is just the beginning!

World Down Syndrome Day 2018, It is just the beginning!

World Down Syndrome Day at the Playhouse #GenerationG In the past 30 days, millions of Facebook fans have viewed, liked, and shared GiGi’s Playhouse World Down Syndrome Day and Generation G as well as the many inspirational stories of acceptance and achievement enabled by Generation G. We have been encouraged and motivated by everyone to…


Welcome to the family!

Welcoming new families to the GiGi’s family is simply one of the very best things! Being about to say congratulations! Today we are excited to share one mom’s story of what GiGi’s Playhouse means to her family, the right now and the future. GiGi’s is with you from prenatal diagnosis all the way through adulthood!…

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