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GiGi’s is Going to #NDSC2018 and We Want to Meet YOU!

We are so excited to be heading to the 46th Annual National Down Syndrome Congress conference in Dallas this weekend! With thousands of people from across the globe attending, it’s an incredible opportunity for us to connect with and learn from our amazing extended Down syndrome family –including experts, parents, siblings and many other impactful…


I could have never imagined what a game changer GiGi’s would be | A sisters story

Hi, I am Sabrina and I’m lucky enough to be one of Chris’s older sisters, or as he calls me his medium sister, much to the Delight of our older sister who he calls his large sister, needless to say growing up with Chris was filled with Little Gems like that I would like to…


Three Tips for balance | Chief Belief Offier, Nancy Gianni

Hello all!    Today’s blog post is about how to balance a family and a business, and once I figure it all out I will be sure to let you know! In my book, I share the difficult but necessary first choice my husband and I made together… When the dream of opening a place…


The Team Approach | Why We Run.

Why We Run Hello, everyone! On behalf of the Chicago Playhouse Board, we are delighted to be participating and fundraising as a team for this year’s 5K. My grandmother always used to say, “Many hands make light work.” I can think of no better and more meaningful phrase to describe the efforts of the Chicagoland…

The Third Place-Quote)lowres)

The Third Place | What does Generation G look like?

I’m baaack!! I was really excited to see the story about Starbucks yesterday and their quest to be #GenerationG! As you know #GenerationG is a conscious decision to be better every day—Be Accepting. Be Generous. Be Kind. While reading their statement I was really blown away by the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, who used…


My inspiration | Nancy Gianni, Chief Belief Officer

Hello friends, I’m back again with another blog post. Today, I’ll be talking about my personal inspiration: my daughter, GiGi. Here are a few examples of the way GiGi has inspired me, sampled from my book, #GenerationG. 1.   She’s always in the present moment. She remembers things that she’s learned, and she teaches them back to…

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