Bike riding

Ok …seriously!  I always say she won’t surprise me and there she goes!   About a month ago GiGi’s Playhouse had an awesome class facilitated by a PT named Robin and it was called “trikes”.  It was all about riding a tricycle.  She had an obstacle course and even a ramp for the little guys!  Anyways, it was an awesome class and  I was really happy with GiGi’s tricycling riding skills.  

The other day we were at a sports store getting her new shoes for t-ball (another story!)  When she sees this pink 2 wheeler that she loves!!  (except for the fact it didn’t have a bell!  She was a little surprised by that!)  Next thing I know she hops on and is riding it down the aisle!  A two wheeler with training wheels!   Of course I had to buy the bike right that minute and while I was at it I bought the big attachment that goes on the back of my bike so another person could ride along with you. (like a tandem bike)  (Poor GiGi she makes one small step and I want the world!)  We got the bikes home and hooked that big thing on to my bike and she wanted nothing to do with it!  It was a little shaky and she was scared.  So Paul rode the bike and I ran next to her (for what I thought would just be a ride down the drive way but ended up being an extended run to the park!)  By the time we got to the park she was a pro!!  I loved the way she looked on the back of that bike!  So proud and happy!!!  Now it is hard to get her on the new pink bike because she always wants to ride this one!

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