Best Of All- Thomas Jenkins

“I’m happy to share with you that Thomas and I love the experiences of GiGi’s Kitchen Adult!” 

I can truly say that ‘patience is a virtue!’ This cooking experience has been a test of our levels of patience together! Regardless, we’re learning how to work better together and doing the things we individually do best! 😊 

Thomas is smart, sociable, loves people and food, and looks forward to completing the tasks so he can sample foods and share. 😊 He is learning how and what it means to mix and add ingredients, which thereby increases his words (self-development, vocabulary building, and growth through words and their meanings by naming foods and learning about their use). For Thomas, assistance in measuring helps to support his need and growth for better understanding of math/money. As aforementioned, we’re both understanding more about the importance of working together – Hallelujah! 👏🤗 🙏 

Thanks for the opportunity and support!

Lossie Smalls-Webb, Parent



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