Redefining Down syndrome

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I have a brother who has Down syndrome, and that is the least interesting thing about him! He is an actor, a singer, a student, a drummer, a boyfriend, a friend, a dancer, a gymnast, a basketball player, a public speaker, and so much more. He is brilliant, funny, outgoing, and the best person to be around. He puts a smile on everyone’s face! He has countless abilities, and he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Throughout the years, I have watched him overcome so many obstacles and proven that he is more than the stereotypes and limits that people set on him. He has been blessed with such a strong support system and has broken barriers because of an inclusive community and his own determination. People with Down syndrome have countless abilities that go above and beyond the limits that others set on them because of their one disability. Down syndrome is more than a disability. It is family, community, strength, opportunity, and love.

I made this video for my final project in my Documentary Production class at St. John Fisher College. I wanted to show the world that people with Down syndrome are capable of anything.

Please watch the video “Redefining Down syndrome” from the YouTube link below, as I could not make it into a downloadable file. Thank you!


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