OK, this blog isn’t about bragging rights but about having the life I never thought I would have.   I remember when GiGi was born… I remember being petrified but thought we were going to be OK but then everyone in the hospital started to treat me different.  They said they were sorry, they kept sending in the clergy, they couldn’t even look at me.  Don’t get me wrong, they took good care of me but to them life as I knew if was over.  I actually remember thinking we would never even go to McDonald’s again!  As you can see we do everything and more than we did before GiGi was born.  Is life busier?  Uh yeah!!  But wouldn’t it be as your family grows?  Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know the point of this blog  is not to brag (though I do a lot of that) but to let you see the incredible life I thought I would never have.

OK one more thing…on that subject.  Potty training.  That was another thing I was told will come later.   The people who tell you what your child will and won’t do things (or when) don’t know me or my child!  I wanted her trained when she turned 3 and she was!  Was it easy?  Hell no, but potty training never  is!!    OK I am starting to get off on a soap box so I better stop!!   

 I am just so sick of limitations.  All of the kids who decided to train at that age are doing great!  I think it gave them self confidence and independence at an earlier age.   OK I’ll stop but it will not be the last we hear about limitations and where everyone can put them!!

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