What is a memorial weekend without a bonfire???   Here she is roasting a marshmallow for her smores (and eating the extras)  I think she enjoyed it a little too much.  In the bathtub tonight she asked for a bon fire with marshmallow again (and then showed me how she would get 2 crackers and smoosh it all together)  When I told her we couldn’t do it tonight I of course got the “Please mom, please, please, please”??  Where do they learn how to beg like that?

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Too funny!

Bella was making popsicles in a mini muffin tray and she was filling it too high and it was going all over.  So GiGi says "Bella, you gonna spill it."...

T-ball moves to coaches pitch!

First and foremost... Look! I finally got the pink helmet to match her mitt and bat!!  This month we were able to start having the coaches pitch to our t-ballers...

boating and tubing

"Look Mom, no hands"!!!  What a weekend!!  I couldn't believe that GiGi was on the first tube ride of the year!  She couldn't get to the back of the boat...

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