Jenny – A Musician with Down Syndrome!!

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Jenny Anne Lowther- Musician with Down Syndrome!! Jenny & I want to encourage everyone to do their best, pursue their Dreams, & never give up! Jenny & Nancy Lowther’s Musical Entertainment has been described as Great Music, Unique Combination, & Inspirational Performances! We have 3 amazing, wonderful daughters. Our girls have always had a very special relationship with each other that melts my heart. Jenny’s sisters have always included her in their activities. From the beginning, they seemed to have a unique understanding, & were very protective of her. Jenny enjoys many things: family & friends, laughing, sports, dancing, singing, working at 2 restaurant jobs, & more.

Jenny has always loved Music. She learned to crawl by trying to get to her sister’s room when she heard music playing. In sixth grade, Jenny wanted to join the Middle School Band & play Orchestral Bells. The teachers didn’t think she could do it, so they said, “She can try for a few months, but if she can’t keep up, she will have to drop out.” Band directors quickly learned that Jenny would be successful. With regular practice, Jenny proved that she could not only keep up, but she performed in every performance & competition the bands had in Middle & High School (both bands earned mostly Superior ratings in competitions!) Jenny also learned to play marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes, & more, in the front ensemble in high school.

It was a real challenge just to talk teachers into “giving Jenny a chance” (as has been true with many other things during her life) because people assume that because she has a disability, she cannot do things. So Jenny & I are doing all we can do to change the way many people view those with disabilities!! After high school, Jenny and I wanted her to continue with Music. I began looking for music scores we could play together as a Duet. Since it’s not easy to find music written for Orchestral Bells & Piano, I arrange much of our music. Jenny & I have been performing together for several years are a mother/daughter Variety Music Duo: *Jenny & Nancy Music”. Our repertoire of songs includes patriotic, rock, classical, Disney songs, Christian, Christmas, & more. We have been hired to provide Musical Entertainment for many events during the past 5 years. A few of Jenny’s favorite performances have been the opening act for a 20-piece orchestra’s Christmas Shows, with audiences of 200 people, a local hospital’s concert series, opening acts for bands at a very popular restaurant, parties, formal galas, & receptions. We enjoy practicing together & learning new songs! We Love playing Music for people when they enjoy it!! There are a few videos of Jenny on YouTube (Jenny & Nancy Music) & on our website. Jenny & I want to play music together throughout our lives. She has been more of a blessing to me than words can express. She is happy, funny, smart, talented, & a sweetheart!! I am so thankful to have her as my daughter!!!

Nancy Lowther – Jenny’s Mom

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