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GiGi’s Playhouse serves children and adults with Down syndrome as well as families, communities, businesses and more – all over the US and in Mexico. GiGi’s Playhouse provides dedicated places for families to unite and celebrate their child’s diagnosis, as well as benefit from FREE purposeful and progressive programs. Since 2003, the organization has grown into an alliance of 27 Playhouses. This year, over 25,000 families benefited from free programs and support, while we reached over 75,000 Facebook Fans, 55,000 e-mail constituents, and saw over 650,000 web page views.


Impact Sponsors are the essence of Generation G: generous and accepting with their time, heart and support. Impact Sponsors believe in GiGi’s message of Global Acceptance for people of all abilities. Accordingly, Impact Sponsors receive benefits and exposure across MULTIPLE GiGi’s Playhouse National Events including the “i have a voice” gala, the 5K walk and dash, the golf outing, GiGiFest and more.


In 2016 Impact Sponsors can make even greater impacts and will have opportunities for benefits and exposure at the 2016 Bigger Better Stronger Together National Conference, through new charity athlete teams, new private donor events, volunteer opportunities and of course the national Generation G campaign itself including traveling galleries, media outreach, a 55′ semi-trailer as a rolling billbaord, a presence in ALL of the Playhouse in ALL of the communities that we serve – AND MORE!


People you may know or will know in the future are asking for your help. People who need more chances and less discrimination.. Children and young adults rely on Playhouses as a second home, a program provider, a gigantic hug, and a celebration of their abilities. Through the strength and belief of courageous Playhouse families – children and adults are poised to succeed. Through the generosity and compassion of donors and volunteers like you, children and adults are empowered to succeed. Collectively, we can change the way the world views individuals with Down syndrome, and foster a kinder and more inclusive world with greater acceptance for all people of all abilities.

For more information on Impact Sponsorsships, please contact us at

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