I love summer!!!

You can tell summer is here when the Hannah Montana CD is blaring at 7:30 am and the kids are outside playing in their pajamas before 8!!   I love it!  

I remember reading recently in a magazine that one of the best things you can do for your child is to allow them time to play alone outside.   You guys know me… I am still stalking from the window, but it still gives them a since of independence and they begin to explore a world they might not see with us constantly around guiding them!   
I have to share something I read on one of the 5k registration pages.   It was a quote from a proud Mom.  I wish I had a picture of her son to share but here is the quote.   

“When Vincie came into our lives we had no idea what a blessing he would be and how he would bring our family together in the truest sense you can imagine. When you’re pregnant thinking of having a baby with Down Syndrome is the scariest and most taboo thing and when it happened to us we were shocked and a bit scared of the unknown. My sister, who has been Nancy’s friend for years and a part of Gigi’s Playhouse from the beginning was actually excited and happy for us. Her reaction was confusing to us at first but we didn’t know what she knew – how absolutely amazing these little angels are. I feel like God gave us Vince as a gift. Down Syndrome awareness is so important for the quality of life for families, friends and children with Down Syndrome. We are excited to give Vince a good life and let him shower us with happiness as he’s already done in his 8 months of life.”

That sister is Auntie Ang who we all love so much!!  Vincie is a lucky boy!

Gotta go!  GiGi just came in and wants to do yoga!

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