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The Team Approach | Why We Run.

Why We Run Hello, everyone! On behalf of the Chicago Playhouse Board, we are delighted to be participating and fundraising as a team for this year’s 5K. My grandmother always used to say, “Many hands make light work.” I can think of no better and more meaningful phrase to describe the efforts of the Chicagoland…

The Third Place-Quote)lowres)

The Third Place | What does Generation G look like?

I’m baaack!! I was really excited to see the story about Starbucks yesterday and their quest to be #GenerationG! As you know #GenerationG is a conscious decision to be better every day—Be Accepting. Be Generous. Be Kind. While reading their statement I was really blown away by the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, who used…


My inspiration | Nancy Gianni, Chief Belief Officer

Hello friends, I’m back again with another blog post. Today, I’ll be talking about my personal inspiration: my daughter, GiGi. Here are a few examples of the way GiGi has inspired me, sampled from my book, #GenerationG. 1.   She’s always in the present moment. She remembers things that she’s learned, and she teaches them back to…

Huddies Buddies(2)

Why I run | Huddy’s Buddies

I’ve always been a fairly active individual. I used to run for myself – for my health, to clear my head, to listen to great music, to greet the day with exercise, to feel my heart beating. It wasn’t until Hudson was born that I chose to run for someone besides myself. Hudson was born…

Meeting Nancy! | Chief Belief Officer & GiGi’s Mom

Meeting Nancy! | Chief Belief Officer & GiGi’s Mom

Hello friends, My name is Nancy Gianni and welcome to my blog!  OK I know I started a blog back in 2008 but this time I am sticking to it!  I have no choice!  It’s my own fault, I built this amazing organization with the help of hundreds of thousand AMAZING volunteers and now the…


Why Inclusion Matters

We are proud to have Bret Bowerman, GiGi’s Playhouse Executive Board Member join us on the blog today.  Inclusion, such an important word, why does it matter? Enjoy. I will never forget squeezing my wife’s hand under the conference table, her eyes teared in elation, when Ellie’s school agreed to educate her in an inclusive Kindergarten…

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