321 Days of Acceptance | Week 9

Welcome to the week nine recap of 321 Days of Acceptance from Generation G!

Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day. Acceptance is a fundamental dignity for all people, regardless of ability. Acceptance is more than an act of charity, it is truly generosity “in action”.

acceptance is the very heart and the very best of humanity. without daily actions to create lasting acceptance, opportunities for present and future generations will falter.

In sharing a story and image each day it is our hope to flood social media with the truth about how normal down syndrome is and how extraordinary people with down syndrome are!  you are helping the mission of generation g & acceptance by simply sharing these posts (found each morning on our facebook page) with your friends on social media! thank you. we are stronger together.

Here is who inspired us and made us smile in week 9……



GiGi's Playhouse Day 56, Meet Shane from GiGi’s Playhouse – New York, Shane is 16 years old and enjoys spending time with his friends at Teen Tastic!








GiGi's Playhouse Day 57, Meet the outstanding Owen from GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley!
Owen is 6 years old and about to finish his kindergarten year! He has 3 siblings including a twin brother! He is an athletic ball of energy and an entertainer at all times!! He LOVES to go to GiGi’s Playhouse and especially loves participating in Family Fun Night, Little Aces, Preschool Prep and working with his AMAZING tutor!!
Owen gives his #Bestofall by making sure everyone he meets has a constant smile. There is never a worry about anything being dull or boring when Owen is around!!
“I am so proud of everything he has accomplished and we are grateful to GiG”s Playhouse for their love and support along the way!!” ~ Owens mom, Katie.




GiGi's Playhouse Day 58, Today we are excited to introduce you to Bobby from GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh. Bobby is a very motivated man, he sets big goals and he works hard to achieve them.  Stop over to the #gigisblog today to learn more how GiGi’s Playhouse has the honor of supporting Bobby & his goals!







GiGi's Playhouse Day 59, Today we meet Zach from GiGi’s Playhouse Hoffman Estates. Zach is a very energetic 5 years old. He plays baseball and has attended our Playhouse Pals program. When he is off of school he loves attending Open play with his siblings! GiGi’s is a place for the entire family and community!







GiGi's Playhouse Day 60, Meet Delaney! She is 8 years old and can be found having a blast at GiGi’s Playhouse – Nashville
Delaney’s favorite day of the week is Tuesday, because she goes to dance class at GiGi’s Playhouse. She loves seeing her friends and being creative through dancing. Her favorite dance is the Chicken Dance. Delaney also loves to swim and play with her sisters!






GiGi's Playhouse Day 61, Today we meet Jackson from GiGis Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale Jackson is 5 years old and his favorite NO COST purposeful program at GiGi’s is Leaps and Bounds! Jackson loves going to Arizona Cardinals football games and is a music fan! Just look at the #swag Jackson has! #gigisbelievesyou have a bright future buddy and we will keep advocating & spreading accepting for you!






GiGi's Playhouse Day 62, Meet Patrick! Patrick is a graduate of GiGi U & a wonderful mentor at Hugs & Mugs. He is kind and helpful. Doing a good job and learning new skills is important to Patrick. Stop over to the #gigisblog and hear a bit more from Patrick in his own words. 




now we are off to an amazing week 10!  please join us each day on facebook, twitter & instagram and share generation g!

Have you visited a gigi’s playhouse yet? we would love of you to join the gigi’s family and our no cost purposeful & progressive programing! you can find your location here!

the 321 days of acceptance campaign is a vital investment in advancing generation g and our vision for global acceptance! every day our social media fans will see a new story and a new face to introduce to the world. this campaign will help show the world how amazing our kids and adults truly are.

Down syndrome does not “discriminate”, and neither will the 321 Days of Acceptance Campaign. Pictures will represent all ages, genders and ethnicity. Pictures will include individuals with Down syndrome, alone and with parents, siblings, tutors, best friends and more.

if you would like to see your loved one included in please contact heather at hrodriguez@gigisplayhouse.org

We strongly encourage you to share the featured participant of the day on your own social media pages. Let’s unite our voices to show the world the reach, power and achievement of the GiGi’s Playhouse Family! We are Bigger, Better, Stronger…..TOGETHER.


GiGi's Playhouse


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