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March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day!

Help us spread our message for global acceptance today, tomorrow, and every other day!


How will you make a difference today?


We are looking for videos, pictures, and written content from those who know Down syndrome as more than just a diagnosis because no one knows the true beauty of Down syndrome quite like our GiGi’s peeps! #myDSstory

Click the button below to submit your story and then look at some of the fantastic stories we have received.

Jenny – A Musician with Down Syndrome!!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month Entry, submit your story here. ———- Jenny Anne Lowther- Musician with Down Syndrome!! Jenny & I want to encourage everyone to…

My granddaughter Remi

Down Syndrome Awareness Month Entry, submit your story here. ———- My granddaughter, Remi, was born on August 15, 21. She’s been such a blessing. My…

Redefining Down syndrome

Down Syndrome Awareness Month Entry, submit your story here. ———- I have a brother who has Down syndrome, and that is the least interesting thing…

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We all have a little something extra inside of us, and sometimes we don’t even know it’s there! Through the A Little Something Extra Podcast, we hear about the forces in people’s lives that drive their passion in hopes that others will be able to find theirs!


Take the "I Accept You" pledge and make a commitment to being accepting, generous and kind every day and in every way! By taking the pledge, you will join a new era of game-changers that we call #GenerationG! 

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