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GiGi & Nancy on the Go!



Hello from GiGi's Playhouse! GiGi and I literally just returned from PLAYHOUSE OPENING NUMBER 33 in Ft. Myers, Florida!!! Can you believe it? Who would have thought that my love for GiGi and wanting acceptance for “one child, one diagnosis and one community at time” would turn into 33 Playhouses in the US and Mexico! Serving more than 30,000 families with FREE programs that are 95% volunteer run!

  • Who would have thought that in one year we would deliver more than 1,000 hours of FREE speech therapy!
  • Who would have thought that Generation G would change from an idea to an everyday way of life!
  • Who would have thought that the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs would see so much value in our kids?
  • Who would have thought that all major media outlets would understand how our locations and FREE programs are building acceptance? 
  • Who would have thought that our 321 Days of Acceptance Campaign would quickly surpass 1 MILLION views in only its first 100 Days??
  • Who would have thought that in the same year we are opening new brick & mortar Playhouses we would be launching our very first mobile Playhouse pilot??
  • Who would have thought that we are adding our second full time Speech & Language Pathologist to the GiGi's Playhouse network in McHenry IL??


This is what belief is all about! FREE programs and global acceptance creating the change and miracles we all want to see in the world.
At the same time --- our programs are not free to us. And normally when a business works as hard as we do, you grow your profits. GiGi’s Playhouse growth is extraordinary but our profits are not measured in dollars but rather in the lives we are changing every day. I know our model of free educational, therapeutic and career programming would not fit into any fortune 500 CEO’s business plan! But you know who wins in this plan? The kids and the world! Not just the kids with Down syndrome, but the entire community starting with siblings!


So in case you couldn't tell: this is where the miracles come in! Generous donors, selfless volunteers and heroic families coming together to CHANGE THE WORLD! I never imagined I’d watch GiGi sit in an airport, writing her own speech to give at a Playhouse grand opening.

GiGi’s Playhouse needs to grow, because families want more programs to help their children. GiGi’s Playhouse needs more partners, to expand Generation G and show communities that people of all abilities are ALWAYS ACCEPTED in their businesses and schools. And with your continued support, we will keep helping. We will keep growing. We will keep accepting and loving.

Remember, GiGi doesn’t get a break from her diagnosis; no one does. People who are different don’t get to shed that differentness at the end of the day. They struggle constantly for acceptance, and that is why we’ll never stop fighting for them. Together we’re changing the world: one child, one diagnosis, and one community at a time!



Nancy and GiGi


PS: Don't forget to watch all of my friends at Hugs & Mugs on their new YouTube TV Show: Gelato with Friends!

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