Press Release

GiGi’s Playhouse Makes Historic Debut with Super Bowl Program Ad 


February 11, 2024 – GiGi’s Playhouse, the only network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers, has marked a significant milestone by securing its first-ever advertisement in the prestigious Super Bowl LVIII Program. This groundbreaking achievement not only serves as a testament to the organization’s growing visibility and impact but also highlights the importance of inclusivity and support for individuals with Down syndrome on a global stage. 

The inclusion of GiGi’s Playhouse in the Super Bowl program signifies a momentous step towards raising awareness and promoting acceptance for those with Down syndrome. By featuring in one of the most-watched events globally, GiGi’s Playhouse is amplifying its message of empowerment, education, and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. This remarkable opportunity underscores the organization’s commitment to creating a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive regardless of their abilities through their I Accept You Pledge. 

As GiGi’s Playhouse continues to expand its reach and influence in championing the rights and potential of individuals with Down syndrome, this landmark occasion at the Super Bowl exemplifies a significant stride forward in advancing their mission. Through this historic debut, GiGi’s Playhouse reinforces its dedication to providing free therapeutic and educational programs that promote self-confidence and skill development for individuals with Down syndrome.  

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