GiGi’s Playhouse is excited to introduce the brand new
Amina Grace Speech and Language Program

X-036This new speech and language program was created to fulfill and expand the communication needs of Literacy Program participants of all ages. The program is dedicated in loving memory of Amina Grace by her parents, Munawar and Maura, and her brother and sister, Nabil and Emma. Amina Grace was a very active and enthusiastic participant of GiGi’s Playhouse with a special fondness for the Literacy program. Because of her love for books, especially her favorite, “Where the Wild Things Are,” Amina Grace’s family has also donated a special Reading Corner at the Playhouse in honor of their daughter. This Reading Corner is surrounded by a fabulous mural of all of Amina Grace’s favorite books and characters.

From one Playhouse family: “I was so happy that there is now going to be an expanded focus on speech communication because it is such an important part of every child’s future. Every single bit of help is huge for the progression of life for our kids. It has already been such a positive experience. Everything that you have presented has been in such a positive manner. I, as a parent, appreciate that you have made it so convenient for me and that you are attaching it to an existing program. It’s so appreciated.” 

GiGi’s Playhouse’s very own Speech-Language Pathologist, Sarah Buti, will evaluate and formulate speech and language goals to provide additional services to our literacy program participants. For more information, please e-mail Sarah at





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