Amazing improvements with the right supports

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Eli has an amazing service dog by the name of Nicky II, or as Eli endearingly calls him, “Nicky noodle.” Since Eli received Nicky, he’s become more independent. He was potty trained within months of receiving him. Eli helps care for and walk Nicky. He doesn’t “flop” as he did before. Nicky pulls him along, whether doing errands or motivating Eli to go to his classroom.

Nicky and Eli love to play fetch and go swimming/surfing, Nicky knows Eli is his person and will only retrieve the ball back to Eli and watches him closely in the water. Their bond is remarkable. Nicky stays in the hospital with him for procedures or during surgical admissions. Nicky goes to the dentist with him and knows when he is needed. Eli and Nicky fight like typical siblings, well, Eli picks on Nicky, and Nicky goes with the flow. If Nicky isn’t with Eli, Eli will be asking where he is and want to be reunited soon.

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