2021 Calendar:
Stories of Acceptance

We begin this new year together with the beautiful faces and stories of acceptance from our playhouses across the country. As we flip the pages each month, let’s make a conscious effort to spread a message of love and acceptance through our words and ACTIONS! It starts with us. Our kids are watching and learning by what we do, by how we stand up for what is right, and by how we change the things we cannot accept. We’ve got this!!! We’re changing perceptions and working towards global acceptance for all!

2020 was a year of challenges and silver-linings, but nothing will bring GiGi’s down! We continue to innovate, expand programs, open new doors, and support our families who need us the most! When the pandemic forced us to close our doors in mid-March, we had to cancel 4,400 hours a week of free therapeutic and educational programs! But that did not stop us, and within two weeks, GiGi’s essential programs went virtual when we launched GiGi’s at Home. What’s so amazing is that, because we are now virtual, we have been able to reach more individuals with Down syndrome, including those in 22 countries, and we are growing every single day! We could not have done it without the support of incredible donors, volunteers, and Playhouse families like you.