Community Connections – Mommy & Me Featuring Central Indiana First Steps and Talking Time Learning Center

On March 10th, Central Indiana First Steps along with Talking Time Learning Center and our Playhouse partnered to provide “Mommy & Me” to local families that have individuals with special needs.

First Steps is a family centered early intervention program for infants and toddlers from birth to age three who may not be growing and learning appropriately in comparison to milestones. Many of our families here at GiGi’s Playhouse utilize many resources throughout our community, one of them being First Steps. There are a multitude of services that they can provide within a variety of environments. We wove many of the skills that are taught through First Steps into our collaborative Mommy & Me program. Crystal Scott, MS, CCC-SLP and owner of Talking Time Learning Center led the conversation that tapped into topics such as –

Discovering creative ways to weave speech and language skills into your daily routine

Learning about toys and activities to promote brain development

Connecting with local families

“We love spending time with an amazing speech therapist and agency owner, along with First Steps families, as they learn some great tips to use at home to improve speech and learning.  Crystal used everyday items, many of which can be found at the dollar store, to turn routine activities into speech therapy activities.  Thank you to GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis for providing this opportunity where Talking Time Learning Center and First Steps could partner with you to bring parents and their children together for a great morning of creative ideas and fun!”

– Angela Touseull, GiGi’s parent & Council Coordinator

The idea of Mommy & Me was born when a family expressed that they needed support in the speech & language realm and that is exactly when the brainstorming began! One of the most unique and wholesome characteristics about GiGi’s Playhouse is that we support and serve the WHOLE family which also includes our friends siblings, grandparents, cousins, and even teachers. With that being said, if you need support, please tell us because we will hear you!

GiGi’s Playhouse is all about breaking down barriers that block our friends and families from their true potential. Providing volunteers and activities for the attendees kiddos during the program made it so all families could attend and get as much out of the program as they wanted. It is safe to say that the kiddos had just as much fun as the parents!

“I loved being able to give our parents the opportunity to spend time learning from a licensed speech therapist. It was wonderful to provide an event where they could ask questions, learn easy tips and tricks to do at home and to be able to chat with other parents. I look forward to bringing our families other opportunities like this one.”

– Molly Brumleve, GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis Program Manager

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