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Literacy One-on-One Tutoring

Important information & dates!

We offer the Literacy Program four times per year:

Winter Session: January 21-March 31
Registration starts: November 30 

Spring Session: April 15 – June 16
Registration starts February 27 

Summer Session: June 24 – August 25
Registration starts: May 3 

Fall Session: September 9 - November 17
Registration starts: July 19 

Applications for Fall 2019 Literacy Tutoring
will be available July 19 - August 11.

Literacy Tutor Training will take place
on Monday, August 19 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Questions? Contact Tanvina Ria, Literacy Coordinator, LiteracyIndy@gigisplayhouse.org

Interested in registering for the literacy tutoring program? 

The GiGi's Playhouse 1:1 Literacy Tutoring Program uses a methodology with documented success based on research by professionals in the field. The ability to read opens doors for individuals with Down syndrome in the workplace, schools and the community.  Developing reading skills also leads to improvements in speech and language development, auditory perceptual skills and working memory function.  Our goal is to foster a love for reading and provide an opportunity to develop and master skills, all while building a positive relationship with our volunteer tutors.  Trained tutors work at the level of the child, continually challenging and encouraging him/her to reach their Best of All.  Students can start in our program as early as age 3 or any year after that. It's never too late to start!  Weekly lessons last 45-60 minutes for 10-12 weeks at a time.  Family members attend each tutoring session and leave with practical activities to continue the learning at home.  


  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • Greater independence and autonomy 
  • Greater inclusion in general education classrooms 
  • More active role in schools and community 
  • Broader communication and speech abilities 
  • Greater social interaction and friendships 
  • Accelerated articulation development 

The Principles of our GiGi’s Literacy Tutoring Program are to: 

  • Teach using materials that are meaningful and relevant to the student to maximize interest. 
  • Teach with a multi-sensory approach to build and confidence and reinforce learning 
  • Teach students to practice, transfer and generalize newly learned skills.  
  • Teach students to comprehend and use information gained from reading to apply to their real-world experiences. 

Books and tutoring resources are customized to each student’s interest and abilities and are built based on the ways in which individuals with Down syndrome learn best. We begin at a student’s current ability and build from that point.  Purposeful progressions lead to an increase of skills and self-confidence. Literacy materials are available to take home for reinforcement and practice in between lessons. 

Program Reference Materials:  

  • Patricia Oelwein, Teaching Reading to Individuals with Down Syndrome 
  • Sue Buckley, Director of Science and Research, Down Syndrome Education International 
  • Research from the National Reading Panel, Teaching Children to Read 
  • Orton-Gillingham instructional teaching approach through Raising Robust Readers 
  • Reading A-Z 

Questions about the GiGi’s Playhouse 1:1 Literacy program? Email us at info@gigisplayhouse.org.