Each year, GiGi’s Playhouse grants esteemed awards and certificates that recognize achievements within the network of Playhouses across North America. Below are the proud achievements from this Playhouse location:

2021: Standard of Execution (SOE) Champion
Locations that have achieved Strong or Center of Excellence on at least 3 SOEs.

2020: Community Impact Champion
Given to a Playhouse that has demonstrated outstanding IMPACT to their local community

2013: Core Value Champion: Enthusiasm
This award is given to an emerging Playhouse that demonstrates exceptional potential and energy as they work toward their grand opening

Standards of Execution Certificates


The Standards of Execution (SOE’s) define a descriptive list of standards for each of the 8 core functions of the GiGi’s business.  Each Playhouse has an opportunity to achieve along a continuum of growth.

8 SOE Circle 2023

2023 Certificates

Strong: Programs

2021 Certificates

Center of Excellence: Operations & Facility, Donation Processing and Data Management

Strong: Programs (2nd year)


Local Awards

2019 Outstanding Professional Award to Denisse Jensen
The Arc of Indiana and Self-Advocates of Indiana Impact Awards

Jefferson Award 2015 Recipient