Generation G presents 321 Days of Acceptance

GiGi’s Playhouse embarks on a worldwide social media campaign to introduce the world to one person with Down syndrome for the next 321 straight days. A first of its kind, 321 Days of Acceptance shows the world that every individual is worthy of acceptance every single day.

This campaign serves as a vital effort to advancing Generation G and our vision for global acceptance! Every day social media fans will meet a new hero and learn something about their life.

Down syndrome does not “discriminate”, and neither will the 321 Days of Acceptance Campaign. Pictures will represent diversity in age, gender and ethnicity. Pictures will also include individuals with Down syndrome, alone and with parents, siblings, tutors, best friends and more.

We strongly encourage you to share the featured participant of the day on your own social media pages. Let’s unite our voices to show the world what lasting acceptance truly looks like!

Be Accepting. Be generous. Be Kind.

  Would you like to see your child featured in the 321 Days of Acceptance Campaign? Please contact Heather at for information on how to submit photos and ways to help us promote the campaign!

Would your company like to join Generation G and show 600,000+ families and communities (and growing) that you accept people with all abilities? Please contact Marc Portugal at to learn more about campaign partnership opportunities.

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